What is the Future of Gum Turpentine in China?

Published: 14th September 2011
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Guangzhou China, July 1, 2011 - In China, there are two kinds of turpentine, namely gum turpentine (GT) and crude sulphate turpentine (CST) which are by-products of gum rosin and wood pulp respectively. GT, taking most of the turpentine market, is greatly influenced by the development of gum rosin. Since the output of gum rosin has dropped in recent two years due to the influence of global economic crisis, the production capacity of GT declined a lot accordingly.

Along with rapid development of domestic GT derivative production in China, Chinese export volume of GT has dropped sharply in recent three years. In 2009, the export volume of turpentine is 1,968 tonnes (over 93% volume belongs to GT), down 62.88% compared with that in 2008.

In China, GT is mainly used in the production of terpene resins, pinene, synthetic camphor, terpeneol, pine oil, synthetic borneol, and so on. Terpene resins is mainly consumed in domestic market, and other derivatives including synthetic camphor, synthetic borneol, terpeneol, pine oil and synthetic perfume are mainly for export. The apparent consumption of GT kept increasing stably during 2004 to 2009, with CAGR of 11.83%. However, greatly influenced by global economy depression, its apparent consumption dropped much in 2008 since most of its derivatives were for export.

What is the future of gum turpentine(GT) in China? Will the export rate keep going down? What is the reason caused by the declined of the exportation of GT? When will the consumption of GT recover? All answers will be discovered through CCM's report Production and Market of Turpentine in China.

More information will be shared in this report:

- Production of gum turpentine and crude sulphate turpentine in the past few years in China
- Key factors influencing the price of gum turpentine and prices in the past few years
- Detailed analysis of export & import of Chinese gum turpentine in 2007~2009
- Consumption structure of turpentine in 2007~2009
- Market size and market share of gum turpentine in major end use segments in 2007~2009
- Future forecast on the production, export and consumption of Chinese gum turpentine in the next 5~10 years
- Introduction to top 39 gum turpentine producers and 12 crude sulphate turpentine producers in China and the latest dynamics of Chinese turpentine industry

If you are interested in this report, please visit our webpage: http://www.cnchemicals.com/Report/ReportMin.aspx?id=1542, or contact us at econtact@cnchemicals.com.

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